We have decided to move away from breeding anymore performance part breds for the forseeable future and as such all our non-highland broodmares are now for sale to approved homes.

Please see below;

Phantom Park Reflection

Anglo Arabian Mare.
Registered AHSA & RPSBS
Height: 15.1 hh

Fleck is a Hamil grand-daughter, In 1996 Hamil was Australian Champion Arabian Stallion, Australian Champion Arabian harness horse as well as top 10 Ridden Stallion. Fleck also sports numerous Royal Show winners in her family tree and is herself a beautifully put together mare with superb monement and great intelligence.

Fleck foaled down on the 02/11/2017, giving us a beautiful little bay filly, Beinn Kaldy Mareeba.
Fleck foaled down on the 25/11/2017, giving us another beautiful big brown filly, Beinn Kaldy Allora.

Fleck is currently offered for sale. We feel that Fleck would better suited to breeding to a stallion of less build/bone,
than the Highland Pony, as she has very large foals and, though she has so far foaled without incident, we
don't wish to see this change in the future.
She will be a asset to any breeding program and throws the most amazingly clam, trainable and intelligent foals
I have ever had the pleasure of breeding.

Please feel free to contact us at beinnkaldy@hotmail.com for further information.
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Australian Bloodstock Mare
Registered ASB
Height: 16.3hh

Beira is a lovely, kind mare, that came into our care after a case of serious neglect from her previous owner.

We hope to produce some lovely big performance part breds with Beira.

Beira has an amazing pedigree with sire's such as Danehill, Zabell, Northern Dancer, War Admiral and of course the all tme great Man 'O' War in her family tree.

Beira foaled down on the 07/11/2018, with Beinn Kaldy Timbarra, a stunning big yellow dun colt.

Beira has currently for sale in foal to Tarabrae Mallee, for a full sibling to Beinn Kaldy Timbarra.
Beira is an alround easy to handle mare, foals down easily and is a great mother.

Only available to the best of homes.
Please feel free to contact us at beinnkaldy@hotmail.com for further information.
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Astbury Cinderella

Arabian Riding Pony
Registered AHSA
Height: 13.2hh

A? ee, nCr & Gg
Practical Horse Genetics 2017
Cindy is a very intelligent little mare that is extremely agile and we hope to breed a nice little pony club mount from crossing her to Mallee for our own children.

Cindy foaled a little colt on the 03/01/2016, giving us our first Highland cross foal from Tarabrae Mallee, Beinn Kaldy Jumbuk. Cindy foaled down textbook style and has really taken to motherhood.

Astbury Cinderella has been sold back to one of her previous owners, who owed her sire before he passed.
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