History of the
Highland Ponies in Australia.

The first report I have found of a highland Pony on Australian shores, is of a young girls highland pony being swam ashore near Melbourne in 1835.

I didn't find any recorded actual importations until 1887 which was the importation of the highland pony stallion "Glengarry"
by Mr Samual McNaughton.
Glengarry was imported as an aged stallion and much sort after, producing numerace offspring in Australia but unfortuately died in mid 1889.
Mr Samual McNaughton then imported the 2 year old dun stallion "Balranald" to replace Glengarry in 1889. Balranald was also a much sort after stud and I have been able to find numerace recordings of him over the following years.

The next recorded importation of a highland pony to Australian shores was the importation of the stallion "Hyskeer" in 1913 by D.E. Grant of Moonyoonooka, WA.
Hyskeer was breed by the late J.H. Munro Mackenzie of Calgary, unfortunately I couldn't trace any of his progeny but at the time, breeders were being advised that the highland pony cross, during the Boar War, was far surperia to any others and there is records of one of Hyskeers colts being exported to America, from Scotland, for this extact purpose around the same time.

The next importation was of a stallion by the name of "Blair Essan" in 1938 by G.R. Nicholas.

In 1961 the Barrymoor Stud in Victoria imported the stallion Glenearn Brigadier and the mare Penny Parthing. This combination produced the well known and influential stallion Barrymoor Grand Final. 

In the late 1970s, three mares were imported for the Taranganba Stud in Queensland, Debbiedene, Druid of Croila, Gipsy Melody of Turin Hill along with the stallion, Trooper Macpherson of Croila. Debbiedene was in foal when imported to Glenaylmer, which produced the filly Taranganba Dinah.

More recently, in 2001 the stallion Maverickdene was imported to Australia by Jim & Myra Currie of the Currie Park Stud in Pinjarra Western Australia.

And more recently, Scott McGregor imported 10 Highland ponies to Australia in 2006. These ponies included the stallion Fyfedene and young colt Fourmerk Royal Scott, along with the mares Steffiedene, Brodiedene, Jasminedene, Tathradene, Maliboudene, Roslyndene and Ballinton Islay Sky as well as the gelding Ballinton Islay Bruar.

This year has seen the importation of Gillean of Liosmor by Sue Jarman of the Rosemarkie stud in NSW. Gillean of Liosmor not only brings over new bloodline but the rare silver dilute gene yet to exsits amongst the highland ponies in Australia.

Unfortunately in the earlier times it seems that they only seen stallion importations as worth mentioning in the newspapers, unless it was of a very popular breed of the time, and only the importation made by promenate people.
I found numerance listing, advertisments and news articles about other highland ponies and highland pony cross breds over the era's but not enough details on them to find either out exactly who they were, when they were breed, when they were imported or if they were infact highland ponies.

I will be including every single bit of information I have been able to uncover in the book I will be working on this year and the next, including all of these more elusive highland ponies through our history and full in depth details and accountings on the ponies listed on this page.

For the mean while I have published a INDEX BOOK that list all the Highland Ponies, Australian Highland Ponies and part breds with in Australia from the first traceable one until end of the 2017 foaling season.

  1. Glengarry
  2. Hyskeer
  3. 1937 news paper article
    1937 news paper article
  4. Glenearn Brigadier
    Glenearn Brigadier
  5. Glenearn Brigadier and Penny Farthing
    Glenearn Brigadier and Penny Farthing
  6. Druid of Croila
    Druid of Croila
  7. Gipsy Melody of Turnin Hill
    Gipsy Melody of Turnin Hill

Current Highland Pony numbers in Australia.

Currently in Australia there is 98 living purebred mares, that can trace their family tree wholly back to Scottish imported Highland Ponies, with 85 of them within breeding age (breeding age being classified as filly - 18)
25 living purebred stallions that can trace their family tree wholly back to Scottish imported Highland Ponies of which 2 now retired and 1 not registered plus 2 purebred colts that are being grown out as possible stallions that can also trace their tree back to Scottish imported Highland Ponies.
and 74 alive purebred full geldings that can trace their family tree wholly back to Scottish imported Highland Ponies.

There is also 8 mares and 9 geldings that are descendants of Ballinton Islay Sky a HPS UK appendix section B mare, that can also trace their enitre family tree back to Scottish imported Highland Ponies. 5 of these mares and 2 of the geldings have achieved purebred status through the Australian Highland Breed Up Program (making it the same as if they were still progressing through the HPS UK studbook appendix program)

And lastly there are currently 22 mares that are still alive, in the Australian Highland Ponies Breed Up Program at various levels, with 18 of breeding age and 16 geldings alive today.
And there is 16 mares, 5 geldings and 1 stallion that have reached purebred status through the Australian Breed Up Program.

(there is also another 2 mares and 5 geldings that are at the purebred level but due to unfortunate circumstances are only eligible for registration in lower levels or as part breds)

The highland Pony is a rear breed and is listed as ENDANGERED by Rear Breeds Trust of Australia.
(This means there is only 85 or less purebred mares of breeding age within Australia)