Future planned and expected foals.

Expected foals
We are only expecting one purebred foal from Tarabrae Lechanaultia by Tarabrae Mallee for the 2019 season.

Plannned Pairings
We are planning to put both Beira and Phantom Park Reflection into foal in the 2019 season.
We have also been given the opportunity of using the purebred mare Senlac Scotch Mist and will be putting her in foal also in the 2019 season.

The naming of our future foals.

The Purebred Highland Foals.
We will be naming our purebred highland pony foals using Scottish Gaelic words.
We will give a break-down of the pronunciation and the meanings for each name.

The Partbred Highland Ponies Foals.
We will be naming our part-bred foals after Australian towns and locations.